Knitting for Road Rage

road rage

Did you see this feature item on BBC news page – “Knit Socks And other things Muscovites do in epic traffic jams”?

One lady knits – amazing. Anyone else knit in traffic jams?

I’m happy to say that I don’t generally have to sit in traffic for long enough to knit and I’m not sure what kind of reaction I’d get from the local Police if I did, but I suspect it wouldn’t be good (no pun intended).  There’s a thought for dealing with road rage, though…. Make ’em all learn to knit.

I can just see it now….

“Hey, move it!”

“Ok, ok, just a minute – I want to get to the end of the row”

“What are you knitting?”

“A rabbit for my niece – it’s really cute…look”

“Aww, sweet. Can I have the pattern?”

“Oy, move your asses, you two – some of us need to get to work!”

I do knit on holiday sometimes, luggage allowance and weather permitting (I don’t like sitting with what is basically a warm woolly rug on my knee if it’s really hot.)  Maybe  I need to learn to crochet better – those hooks are much smaller to pack.

Anyway, I shall think about taking my knitting with me more often now…