Do you have a Knitatar?

We have Avatars, Gravatars, Blavatars….  Meet the Knitatar!DSCN9080

It’s a little doll about 6 inches high that looks like you.  I love them. I’m only just getting around to knitting my own.  I’ve been too busy knitting them for other people; most of my friends at work have them now and so do some of my family.

Usually, people love them – it’s like you’re saying “I see who you are and I still love you!”  I pick out things about them that make them different such as a hobby, or something they always wear.  The hair and clothes are as close as I can get to the real thing with a few bits of wool!

Here are a few examples:

IMG_0037   IMG_0036   IMG_0030

I guess it’s because I have a strange quirk, maybe you have it too?  When I knit a gift for someone, I like it to have meaning…

I think that’s partly my character type – everything neat and tidy in my mind – so even my knitting has to match up to the occasion.  It’s also sometimes about dealing with my thoughts and feelings. I may not be so good at talking about them but I’m sure am great at knitting about them.

I heard that knitting is therapeutic –I always assumed it was the action and concentration that helped but maybe I’ve found a new side to it.

So get knitting those feelings out… Let me know how it goes.  And let’s see some Knitatars out there please 🙂

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