Word Perfect, Knit Perfect


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

I have a friend who says that we under-use the English language; we resort to “really”, “very”, and trend words such as “awesome”, “amazing” for everything.  I think she might be right….

When I was at school (a long time ago!), we had a headmaster who made you write lines if he heard you swearing.  You had to write “Swearing shows a distinct lack of vocabulary” out 100 times.  I liked that guy (I didn’t swear) – I thought it was ‘classy’, so much better than “I must not swear, I must not swear”.

I’m sometimes saddened when I see words that were once so meaningful now taken up and used in a slightly different way that often undermines their true original impact.  Take “awesome” – it used to mean that a person would be full of awe at something – such a powerful word originally. Yet now it means “that’s really great!” or similar.   I love this photo, although sometimes I think we are too lazy to really speak what is in our hearts properly and with the right words.

But when I think about it, isn’t that a bit like knitting?  Avid knitters also knit what is in their hearts often, or to put it another way, their knitting reflects how they think.

The English language is changing continually and words are developing into different meanings for different generations of people.  So too does knitting develop, as many of you will know already.

When I started knitting as a child, it was very basic. Oh, there were patterns and fancy stitches but I don’t remember, for example, loop stitch.  Maybe, I just hadn’t heard of it but I think it was a new stitch somewhere along the way.  I suppose, like most things in life, for knitting to stay alive, it must change and new things must happen.

And quite rightly. Isn’t it more exciting now?  There are so many possibilities.  I am often taking a pattern and amending it slightly to something that is more me or that fits the occasion better.

So lets treat knitting and English in the same way – learn more about both, learn to use them well and adapt them as we go to keep them both alive and well.

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