Knit the Black Next!

Pot the black

I’m not a morbid person but my friend’s mum died recently and it got me wondering…why do we not knit for funerals? I realised I’ve never seen any patterns that relate in any way to funerals.

I know we don’t like to talk about death so maybe the thought of knitting for it is too much for most people as well but, personally, I like to be able to knit for all occasions. Obviously, deaths are generally not planned so when it happens, you may not have much time to knit something up but I like to have some knitted things stored up for times that I might need something in a hurry.

So here are some ideas I had, if you can face the thought….

• Black lace collar to add soberness to any outfit
• Black hand warmers, scarf and hat for winter funerals
• A small bouquet of flowers for the bereaved (Just bear in mind that they may get thrown on the coffin, not saved!)
• If you know the deceased’s favourite flower, maybe a small corsage to wear for the funeral

There are loads of free patterns out there for flowers and accessories so you will have plenty of choice.

• Or (if you are an experienced knitter) for a more lasting gift to the bereaved, a cushion or rug that commemorates the deceased’s life or interests, perhaps with the name and dates of their life? Something like a sea scene or even just seaside colours for someone who loved sailing or diving, for example.
• How about a small knitted figure of the deceased (their Knitatar), maybe doing what they enjoyed most (if it’s appropriate, of course!)

If the deceased is a Knitter, then maybe you could even yarn bomb their gravestone or tree… with their relatives permission, of course!

knitted cross


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