In Celebration of Easter….please welcome Ernie Egg!

Happy Easter!

Here is Ernie Egg.  I was inspired to knit him when I was thinking about this blog post.  I almost knitted just an egg with lots of pattern to remind me of the painted ones we used to roll but somehow I found myself putting a face instead.

(The pattern is on Ravelry for £1.50 if you like him!)

Ernie Egg

As I thought about Easter, I remembered a few things from my childhood…

  • boiled eggs painted and rolled down the hill until they were all cracked
  • chocolate easter eggs (of course)
  • going to church
  • new Spring clothes and hats (often hand-made)

Some of those things will give away how old I am, I think!  Maybe you have similar memories or maybe yours are completely different… I’d love to hear them.

I like Easter because it is in Springtime and everything is coming to life.  I’ve never been too happy with our New Year being in January. It doesn’t seem quite right to try to start a new year when everything is cold and dark and silent. Wouldn’t it be better to start a new year in Spring when nature starts growing again?

I think I shall take Easter as my new year – it is, after all, a celebration of a new start so very fitting, I think. A better time to try to lose some pounds, increase my exercise and do all those other things we generally try to achieve for a few weeks every year. In my case, not very sucessfully usually.

Well, with a chocolate egg already in my cupboard (I’m being very restrained, mainly because I feel my weight increasing already and I haven’t opened it yet) and Ernie Egg sitting on the desk, I’m as ready as I can be for Easter.  I’m optimistically looking forward to some nice sunny weather, although I realise I am likely to be disappointed… (This is Britain!)

Easter eggs // Ostereier

By the way, can I also recommend Alan Dart’s Humpty Dumpty for you fellow knitters out there. He’s so cute but quite big. I haven’t found an excuse to knit him myself yet, sadly but there’s still time.  Check out the link on my page for Alan Dart’s patterns.

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