Chunky, Aran, Double Knitting…

Who thought of different thickness of yarn?

No, really…Who did and why? Was it a natural occurrence because the wool from sheep, llamas, alpacas or other animals actually has different thicknesses?


Or is it yet another human invention?
Did a lone knitter somewhere, perhaps in a damp hillside in Donegal or a sunny mountain top in Peru, suddenly think, “This is baaa’d”  (Sorry, pun intended!)
“I don’t like this wool – it’s too thin; I need something thicker so I will twist two lots of this together and make it thicker.”  Pause while some knitting goes on.  “Oh, but now it’s hard to knit… I know, I’ll make bigger, thicker needles too…. ahh, that’s better!”


I have been a knitter for many years and, although I know that yarn was originally wool from sheep and other animals rather than the many varieties of man-made fibres that we have today, I have never heard anyone explain where the different thicknesses or weights come from.  Anyone know the history?


Why Indeed…?

book and pencilWell, the Daily Post got me thinking today… Why do I blog?  Well, I started partly because in some distant corner of my mind I thought that maybe I’d get into writing again and eventually be able to make some money at it.

Funny thing is… Just a few months on and so much has changed.  I just do it now because I want to do it. I’m not bothered about trying to make money at a later date; I just like jotting down my thoughts and trying to produce something that other people might want to read occasionally.  I like finding the time to read other blog posts and comment and I love finding that someone new has read one of my posts and liked it!

My biggest complaint now is that I don’t have enough time to blog or read other blogs.

I’ve also realised that there are many more people out there who can write better than I can and that’s good. I’m not depressed or even sad about that. There are also others who aren’t so good.  Such is life, and life is all the richer for reading the experiences and thoughts of others.

Well, that and knitting, of course.


Well done, Maggie

Corrugated shipping container, one type of &qu...

Corrugated shipping container, one type of “cardboard box” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I’ve decided now… I want my body to be carried around London on a horse drawn carriage, preferably after I’ve died, of course.  (After that, you can put me in a cardboard box (maybe a bit bigger than this one!) and plant a tree over me, somewhere nice and rural.)When they ask you “Who is that?”  Just say, “No-one special but she was a damn good knitter!”

I know lots of people hated her and I understand why. However, she was the only woman prime minister and the one that reigned the longest – I’d say she deserves a bit of respect, even if you don’t like her!

To Maggie! 🙂

Folder or Scruncher?

Are you a ‘Folder’ or a ‘Scruncher’?loo roll

The strangest conversations happen at work sometimes…

One that I heard about recently concerned toilet paper.  I don’t know how the subject came up (and I’m not sure I want to!) but it did and apparently there are two types of people when it comes to using toilet paper.

A ‘Folder’ is obviously someone who likes the paper flat and neatly folded.   A ‘Scruncher’ is someone who balls the paper up.

Which one are you?

I’m a ‘Folder.’  It’s a character thing, I reckon.  I have a semi-geek character so folding and neatness is important.  I couldn’t even imagine wanting to scrunch.  I’m not so particular that I count the number of sheets I use but I’m sure there are people out there who do and hey, “you go, girl” (or man).   Can I just add that I hate those loo rolls that scrunch the paper up for you?  You know the ones I mean – where the sheets come out one at a time and they are fed through such a tiny hole that they are all scrunched into a roll when you get them out.  I bet Scrunchers love them!

I was tempted to get into the whole how many sheets do you feel comfortable with but I think it’s probably linked to the folding / scrunching part anyway – another character trait.

loo roll 2

So I’ll leave you this little bit of light relief from what may be an otherwise dreary day…

Imperfect but lovely


I have a friend (a work colleague) who, before she leaves each day, will walk around the office asking everyone individually if there is anything she can do for them before she goes.  We have tried (believe me) all the unreasonable requests we can think of, including but not limited to, making dinner, washing dishes, cleaning etc but apparently only work related ones are acceptable and even then only if they are able to be done fairly quickly, I think.  However, it’s the thought that counts right?

Actually, we think she worries too much but I think it’s actually more than that. I saw a photo on Vouchercodes facebook page that said,

 “I am recovering people pleaser

(Is that ok?)”

 I think it fits her well (obviously, everyone is much more complicated than that but it’s one character trait anyway).

Having said all that, this lady is the loveliest person who, although she can be overly anxious at times, can always make people feel better. She has a way of making everyone feel like they matter and that can’t be a bad thing.

So not perfect, but I wouldn’t want to be without her in the office; she makes it a nicer place to be.  Thank you, my lovely imperfect friend.