Imperfect but lovely


I have a friend (a work colleague) who, before she leaves each day, will walk around the office asking everyone individually if there is anything she can do for them before she goes.  We have tried (believe me) all the unreasonable requests we can think of, including but not limited to, making dinner, washing dishes, cleaning etc but apparently only work related ones are acceptable and even then only if they are able to be done fairly quickly, I think.  However, it’s the thought that counts right?

Actually, we think she worries too much but I think it’s actually more than that. I saw a photo on Vouchercodes facebook page that said,

 “I am recovering people pleaser

(Is that ok?)”

 I think it fits her well (obviously, everyone is much more complicated than that but it’s one character trait anyway).

Having said all that, this lady is the loveliest person who, although she can be overly anxious at times, can always make people feel better. She has a way of making everyone feel like they matter and that can’t be a bad thing.

So not perfect, but I wouldn’t want to be without her in the office; she makes it a nicer place to be.  Thank you, my lovely imperfect friend.


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