Why Indeed…?

book and pencilWell, the Daily Post got me thinking today… Why do I blog?  Well, I started partly because in some distant corner of my mind I thought that maybe I’d get into writing again and eventually be able to make some money at it.

Funny thing is… Just a few months on and so much has changed.  I just do it now because I want to do it. I’m not bothered about trying to make money at a later date; I just like jotting down my thoughts and trying to produce something that other people might want to read occasionally.  I like finding the time to read other blog posts and comment and I love finding that someone new has read one of my posts and liked it!

My biggest complaint now is that I don’t have enough time to blog or read other blogs.

I’ve also realised that there are many more people out there who can write better than I can and that’s good. I’m not depressed or even sad about that. There are also others who aren’t so good.  Such is life, and life is all the richer for reading the experiences and thoughts of others.

Well, that and knitting, of course.



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