Progress at last!

Copyright 2012 Diane Stobbart

Hi there,

I haven’t been hiding away in my cave like a Troglidyte -I’ve been on holiday!  We had hot sun (for a while anyway)- something that has been rare in the UK over the last few years so it was really great.

As always, I find my thoughts turning to writing when I travel, no, not a travel article but a book. It’s the same story that comes to me every time – I’ve had it in my mind for years now but I don’t have the time to really get it moving. This holiday, I found I moved it along a bit, fleshed out some more of the background so it was exciting for me.  I still haven’t thought out the storyline yet but after I came home I read a book by Brian Clopper called “Irving Wishbutton and the Questing Academy”.  Anyone read it? I think it was a freebie I picked up on Amazon. I loved the way he wrote about the writer and the characters in the same story (although the writer part was a bit weak).  It gave me so many ideas,I guess – that’s why I loved it.

I still won’t be able to spend hours writing up my story and it’ll take many more holidays before I get it fleshed out enough to even start writing properly but, nevertheless, I feel happy that I’ve made some progress.

Like everyone, I wish I had more time.  My biggest conflict, of course, is whether to write or to knit… I love both and knitting takes precendence because it is easier to pick up for short periods and the results are quicker!  I’ve just finished Alan Dart’s Fairy Godmother – isn’t she sweet?

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

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