A brief foray into food!

I need to show you this…

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

It’s salmon baked in a salt crust overnight and it is amazing.  (One of the many eating experiences I had on holiday recently.)  I just had to show you it. The salmon tastes fantastic, you don’t taste salt at all and you get to watch the waiter carve the salmon (do you carve a salmon?) to put on your plate.  You get a whole fish each too…  I guess it’s a Spanish delicacy? 
My husband loves the Baraquito’s – if you like milk, coffee and sugar, then you might like these too. They look lovely anyway.  They also have liquer in them, although you can get them without too. Just watch out for the chunk of lemon or lime that can catch you by surprise!
Baraquito photo

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