Endlessly listing


I’m not much of a ‘last minute’ person; I need to plan, organise, prepare, list… Especially list – I love lists, I make lists of everything from my shopping to things I want to do at the weekend to items I want to knit…  Oh, and I like my lists to be fairly neat – when they get too untidy from bits scored out as they have been done, I have to rewrite the list.  Ok, so I have some tendencies that border on OCD at times, but don’t we all?

Lists are harmless, in fact not only are they harmless, they are useful!  My current knitting list goes something like this…

  • re-knit white cardi
  • re-knit brown cardi
  • Christmas presents
  • Toys
  • present for N
  • Finish lorry
  • Finish sports dolls
  • Write patterns up

Yes, sorry, I know you didn’t want to hear about Christmas just yet, but actually if I decide to knit things for a lot of people, than I need to start thinking about it soon.

I’m not good at getting around to writing up my patterns – it takes so much time to type up all the little details that I just assume because I’m used to knitting.  I shall try and be better at it. I have quite a few patterns but only 3 have made it on to my Ravelry site.  And I haven’t yet taken the time to work out how to put a link on here to my ravelry page. Sooooorry….  It’s just that everything takes so much time and I put them all on my lists but some of them just stay there and get moved on from list to list but never quite make it to the top of the list.

   long list man

Must try harder…..

But while you are waiting, here’s a photo of my latest knitted toy. It’s Alan Dart’s Fairy Godmother.

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

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