Sew, sew!

This is the way my post started off…”I’ve started to do some sewing more recently (knitting too much is getting tough on my shoulder!)  I thought I’d try some little toys with different patterned materials. I’m making them from pictures mostly so not sure how great they’ll be –  it’s a learning experience. I’ll let you know how I get on and show you the results. I’m mostly hand sewing.  Watch this space!  :-)”

However, it didn’t get as far as publishing and now I’ve moved on already. So this is really too posts in one –  before and the after!

I did make one small sewn toy – it’s ok – here it is…  Then I decided to play with buttons and thin ribbon and created the bracelets below.

Copyright 2013 Diane Stobbart

black & white button bracelet

I thought I’d done fairly well; at least I tried out some new stuff.

Then, I went to my Mum’s and she was crocheting Granny Squares.  I am able to crochet in a straight line and do chains and such like but making anything more complicated was well out of my comfort zone. Oh, I almost forgot, I did try to crochet a small ball-shaped chick and although I doubt if it was actually quite like the original pattern, it did end up looking like a chick (eventually! The first attempt is now a coaster. :-))

chick                      chick 2

Anyway, I had some expert tuition on crocheting and now I can crochet Granny Squares – see?  (Yes, it’s really mine – I did it in one afternoon without ever having crocheted squares before.)

Granny Square

Such a busy bee.  So now I feel like I have done so much in such as short time – what shall I do next?  Maybe I’ll go back to knitting, although I think I’ll like to try crocheting something bigger…   😮

What have you been up to?


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