Ok, I finally did it! Here are some photos of the finished top. I added the crochet trim on the bottom, as I wanted it a bit longer to wear with leggings. It wasn’t too difficult in the end.



My current projects are:
1. A crochet granny square top
2. A knitted dress
3. A seagull (knitted)
I’ll let you know how they go!



I know I promised you the finished crochet top in my next blog… Sorry, I’ve just not found the time to photograph it and write about I yet. When I remember to write, I’m not near the top to photograph it and when I’m at home, I forget! Old age is a terrible affliction. I will make a greater effort.

On holiday!

Hi, sorry for the gap in writing. I’ve been on holiday and am still picking up all the things that need to be done afterwards, whether from the “I’ll leave that until I get back” or the “came through the post while I was away” pile. Seems like holidays create as much work as they relieve you from -it’s just displaced in time!
Well, at least it was a break. I have some photos somewhere… Back in a mo

Ok, here’s one or two wildlife style photos for you. Next post: update on the crochet top.





This one reminded me of Russell’s top 10 bird boxes (if you haven’t seen them, go and check out his blog – the top 10 of everything)