Beautiful Sparkly Scarves

I’ve been doing some Christmas knitting. My favourite yarn for scarves is Sirdar Taffeta – it’s sparkly and colourful and knits up fairly easily, if you’re used to the ‘pick up a loop’ kind of scarf knitting.

Here’s a pinky purple one that I’ve knitted, and a grey/black one that I’m just starting. It’s not too expensive either, I think I got the yarn for about £6/7 online.





Been decorating…

Hi there,

Sorry, I’ve not blogged for ages. I’ve been decorating and these things just seem to drag on and on. And now, it’s time for Christmas -finding presents, thinking of ideas, knitting, crocheting….

I’m in a bit of a quandary – maybe you can help?  I used to do little presents for people at work but now we have expanded and I’m not sure that I should bother now. Yet, I feel a bit sad that I won’t then be doing presents for the people I’ve worked with for years.  I don’t feel like I can give gifts to some and not to others as I work with all the teams.  What should I do? Any ideas welcome.