Craft ideas

Here we are! Lots of interesting things to see. I’ve only taken a few photos so far. Some to go back and look at, some for ideas later…
Unfortunately I couldn’t get reception to upload this so finally here’s some photos! (Sorry, they’re not all that great.)







Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to the craft show I go!

Thanks to Simply Knitting magazine, I won tickets to the Craft4Crafters show and I’m going today. Watch this space… I will send you photos of any new or exciting things I find!

In the meantime, I love this idea I saw somewhere (sorry, the place has eluded me for the moment) and I’m going to make one or two as decorations.


I think I may have overdone the knitting & crochet in the run up to Christmas, as I now have a painful elbow and my recurring finger problem is back too. So I shall be talking short break for a while to try and recover. Sorry, but, sadly, I’m not getting any younger…
I shall leave you, for now, with a photo of my Jean Greenhowe doll.