I know I promised you the finished crochet top in my next blog… Sorry, I’ve just not found the time to photograph it and write about I yet. When I remember to write, I’m not near the top to photograph it and when I’m at home, I forget! Old age is a terrible affliction. I will make a greater effort.


On holiday!

Hi, sorry for the gap in writing. I’ve been on holiday and am still picking up all the things that need to be done afterwards, whether from the “I’ll leave that until I get back” or the “came through the post while I was away” pile. Seems like holidays create as much work as they relieve you from -it’s just displaced in time!
Well, at least it was a break. I have some photos somewhere… Back in a mo

Ok, here’s one or two wildlife style photos for you. Next post: update on the crochet top.





This one reminded me of Russell’s top 10 bird boxes (if you haven’t seen them, go and check out his blog – the top 10 of everything)

Oh so busy…

Time goes so fast. I read blogs most days and comment or like them here and there but finding time to write my own…?
Have a couple of drafts in progress so will make sure I do one this weekend. Travelling to see family but should have some time to ‘potter about’ on my laptop.
Here in the UK, we’ve been having amazingly good weather but it seems we might have done an exchange with some other European countries (sorry, Germany, Czech Republic and others). Here’s hoping we can all get some great summer weather.

I am still re-knitting my white cardigan but only have one front still to do. My next post will tell you what else I’ve been up to…
See you soon.

Why Indeed…?

book and pencilWell, the Daily Post got me thinking today… Why do I blog?¬† Well, I started partly because in some distant corner of my mind I thought that maybe I’d get into writing again and eventually be able to make some money at it.

Funny thing is… Just¬†a few months on and so much has changed.¬† I just do it now because I want to do it. I’m not¬†bothered¬†about trying to make money at a later date; I just like jotting down my thoughts and trying to produce something that other people might want to read occasionally.¬† I like finding the time to read other blog posts and comment and I love finding that someone new has read one of my posts and liked it!

My biggest complaint now is that I don’t have enough time to blog or read other blogs.

I’ve also realised that there are many more people out there who can write better than I can and that’s good. I’m not depressed or even sad about that. There are also others who aren’t so good.¬† Such is life, and life is all the richer for reading the experiences and thoughts of others.

Well, that and knitting, of course.


It’s not so easy


I was really looking forward to blogging and started with some ideas but, you know what? It’s not that easy to keep it going regularly. Maybe, if you don’t work, or your work is linked to your blog…?¬† Maybe if I has less knitting to do, I’d have more time for writing about it but what is life without knitting?¬† I’m also feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ at the moment so even if I have time to blog, I don’t always feel like doing it.

I know you’ve all been through this and struggled to get going at times, so I’m not alone.

Where do these cliches come from?

Under the weather?

Which weather? Sun, rain, cloud, snow..?

Under the rain, wet and miserable – yes, we all know that one! Under a cloud, has other connotations attached already but I can see it as being a bit cold and not too bright.¬† Under sun would seem to be enjoyable however, ¬†unless (I suppose) it was the unbearably hot, beating down on you, with no shade, kind of sun…¬†Hmmm.

Well, whichever weather it is, you are now reading the ramblings of a character with a currently ‘not so sunny’ disposition.


Sorrrrrry, I shall come back out from under the clouds very soon.  See you then, if you decide to hang around and not jet off to sunnier climes!