Folder or Scruncher?

Are you a ‘Folder’ or a ‘Scruncher’?loo roll

The strangest conversations happen at work sometimes…

One that I heard about recently concerned toilet paper.  I don’t know how the subject came up (and I’m not sure I want to!) but it did and apparently there are two types of people when it comes to using toilet paper.

A ‘Folder’ is obviously someone who likes the paper flat and neatly folded.   A ‘Scruncher’ is someone who balls the paper up.

Which one are you?

I’m a ‘Folder.’  It’s a character thing, I reckon.  I have a semi-geek character so folding and neatness is important.  I couldn’t even imagine wanting to scrunch.  I’m not so particular that I count the number of sheets I use but I’m sure there are people out there who do and hey, “you go, girl” (or man).   Can I just add that I hate those loo rolls that scrunch the paper up for you?  You know the ones I mean – where the sheets come out one at a time and they are fed through such a tiny hole that they are all scrunched into a roll when you get them out.  I bet Scrunchers love them!

I was tempted to get into the whole how many sheets do you feel comfortable with but I think it’s probably linked to the folding / scrunching part anyway – another character trait.

loo roll 2

So I’ll leave you this little bit of light relief from what may be an otherwise dreary day…