Long time, No posts!

Hi there,
Sorry, it’s been so long since I wrote anything. I was nursing a painful shoulder and elbow and had to give up on knitting and crocheting for a while to try and let them heal.
I’ve now started knitting again, although not for too long at a time. Here are my current projects…

One is a chunky, holey jumper, which is knitted in only 2 pieces. You knit one back and one front only (sleeves are part of this). It will be interesting to see how this works out. I find it much harder to judge the size so I think it may be smaller than I would like.


This is two yarns knitted together. One is a Red Heart sparkly yarn and the other a cotton yarn.

Then there is the summer dress that I started last year and got fed up with. I hate really ‘big’ projects! I have little patience so get bored with knitting the same thing for too long. Anyway, I went back to it and it has seemed surprisingly quick this time around. I’ve finished one side already and am on the second. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


I changed the colours slightly.
Well, that’s it for now. Going to enjoy the Easter break for a few days. Happy Easter!



I think I may have overdone the knitting & crochet in the run up to Christmas, as I now have a painful elbow and my recurring finger problem is back too. So I shall be talking short break for a while to try and recover. Sorry, but, sadly, I’m not getting any younger…
I shall leave you, for now, with a photo of my Jean Greenhowe doll.


My Own Cuddly Snowman

Well, I finally go around to writing up my Snowman pattern and putting it on Ravelry.  You can find it here:  http://www.ravelry.com/purchase/diane-stobbart-designs/188404

My mum gave me the Snowdog pattern to try and I loved him but could only find a crocheted Snowman pattern so I decided to make my own.  If you do try him out, please let me know if you find any problems.  I hope you like him!

Merry Christmas.

Copyright Diane Stobbart 2013

Copyright Diane Stobbart 2013

Beautiful Sparkly Scarves

I’ve been doing some Christmas knitting. My favourite yarn for scarves is Sirdar Taffeta – it’s sparkly and colourful and knits up fairly easily, if you’re used to the ‘pick up a loop’ kind of scarf knitting.

Here’s a pinky purple one that I’ve knitted, and a grey/black one that I’m just starting. It’s not too expensive either, I think I got the yarn for about £6/7 online.




Little Miss…

I finished the second snowman hat (crochet) so moved on to yet another few projects. I haven’t finished the hippo yet, as she is just for fun, and I’m now on Christmas presents. Sadly, she will have to wait a while.
I have finished an improvised Little Miss Chatterbox. (I made it up from the picture but had to give up on the hands and glue felt ones on, as she is too small to make knitted ones easily.)

Maybe I should also make Little Miss Busy, or even Little Miss Christmas…?

I’m working on…

I’m making 2 of these – one for each little niece/ nephew! (For Christmas, of course)
And on the knitting front…

This is a smaller version of Alan Dart’s sunbathing hippo in the making. I think it’s so cute.
I have given up on my hardly started summer dress for now, as Christmas seems to be more urgent now! Have a few more presents to make yet so will be knitting and crocheting like crazy for a few months!

Knitted Seagull

Well, as promised, here is my knitted seagull. I have still to make some feet for him, as the pattern was for a hanging one and doesn’t have any. The pattern came from a little booklet called “Seaside Knits” that I think came with a magazine.
I am still working on my granny square top but it’s looking ok so far.